Welcome To Open Range’s Mini Aussie Doodle Waiting List Page!

 In order to make sure that we don’t oversell our litters we only open our waiting list until we have puppies born. Then we can move people over to the actual litter at about 2 weeks. This allows us to make sure every puppy is healthy and happy prior to getting an owner. Once you are registered on the Waiting List you may transfer your options to any litter spot at 2 weeks of age.

The Waiting List requires a $500 deposit. Once you choose a litter we will move you into your litter registration slot. At that time you will sign the health guarantee to move lists for a total of a $500 deposit for your new puppy!

F1 and F1b Mini Aussiedoodle’s are $2,500. Our Aussiedoodle’s come with a breed standard 1 year genetic health guarantee.

There is only one wait list to choose from at this time:

  1. F1 Mini Aussiedoodles – standard AKC Australian Shepherd bred with a Moyen Poodle (slightly smaller than standard). These puppies will mature to approximately 40-50 lbs.

Get registered on a Waiting List by clicking on the Register Now button below. Your name will appear on the website shortly after!


Puppy Litter registration slots are given on a first-come-first-serve basis (the higher up on the list the more options you will have).

F1 Aussiedoodle’s

Earliest POSSIBLE Availability (Spring 2018)

2 Litter’s Available

Angel X Tucker

Sophie X Tucker

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