The Importance Of Nutrition

I use PawTree with my dogs for many reasons. I was getting very tired of finding dog food brands for a while only to discover that they were not what they advertised. Using a label that looks natural or calling a food natural doesnt mean much these days. PawTree is an awesome alternative. They use whole ingredients and no grain, which I love. Dogs are not meant to consume grain, it is not good for their systems because it is simply not what they were created to eat. With PawTree I can specify a bag for each dog! I put in the dog information and they formulate a feed that is perfect for my dog. I do this for each dog at Open Range. They get the specified nutrition that they deserve!

The other thing I really love is that they eat so much less food because there are no fillers in this food. Some dogs only eat 10 lbs per month and others 20 lbs. That is pretty minimal to other brands that I used. This food comes each month when I am about out of the bag from the previous month and I never have to worry about running to the store and if they have the brand I need. Its taken care of!

My link for PawTree is: I would love these puppies to stay on this awesome food!

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