Sheepdog Basics:

Old English Sheepdogs are a wonderful addition to any family. They crave attention and want to be around people whenever they can. They are very gentle giants and are notorious for being clowns. They are people pleasers and learn commands well. An Old English Sheepdog becomes part of the family extremely fast. They have long beautiful coats that do require a fair amount of attention if you want to keep them long. Keeping the coat clean and brushed is a daily task. Most owners spend this time with their Sheepdog each day as a bonding experience. The dogs learn to love being brushed and being cared for. Dont worry! If you don’t have time to brush each day this breed is still an option. When you take them to the groomer make a monthly appointment and keep your Old English in a “Puppy Cut” This keeps the hair short and manageable and the dogs are still just gorgeous!


Sheepdog Breeding Terms:

There are quite a few breeders in the United States for Old English Sheepdogs. It is important to the health of your puppy that you find a breeder that registers with either the AKC or UKC and keeps track of the lineage of your puppy. This is so you can know there wasn’t any inbreeding in the past that might effect your puppy now.  The next thing you need to look for is called OFA testing. This will check the dam and sire for hip and elbow problems. Breeding dogs should be tested through the OFA and those results can be seen online.

Lastly, you should be sure that your puppy was wormed every two weeks since birth, given their 6 week shots and dewclaws removed. You can either opt for the breeder to dock the tail or not. It is not breed standard with an Old English to leave the tail, but more and more people are leaving them on. Just make sure you let your breeder know which you prefer before the 3rd day after they are born, that is when this procedure is normally done.


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