Open Range Trained Goldendoodle’s

We currently have 4 trained, available “ready to be family member”, Goldendoodle’s

Each pup comes with an 8 week training program & 2 Year Genetic Health Guarantee

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Learn about each Doodle:


Brooklyn is the smallest and the only female. She is house trained and kennel trained. We are learning our basic commands and she is responding very well. She doesn’t mind being in the living room with all the kids or just with me when I am up late. She is so calm and gentle and also loves her toys. She hoards them where the other dogs cant find them, she is so smart! Brooklyn would do best with a older couple or a single person. She can learn to be in a house full of kids but I think would be most comfortable with just a few people.


Max is the smallest male. He is also spunky and very sweet. He is kennel trained, leash trained and we are well into our basic commands. Max will do well in any home that wants to love him. He is so fun and also hoards toys when he can get them from Brooklyn. He is spending time with our family and will be very sociable when he gets home. 


Tucker is a beautiful gentle dog. He is the biggest of the four and is already trained in the kennel, on the leash and does very well in the house. We have to still teach him some basic commands, but he would do well in either a family home or with a single person. He is good in the bath and loves it! Doesn’t mind getting brushed either, but we are working on not being afraid of the dryer. Tucker doesn’t jump, he rarely barks and will be a good addition to any family. He is a sweet boy that LOVES his toys 🙂


Cosmo is a spunky guy that loves the kids and other dogs….and basically anyone that wants to be by him. He eagerly trains and learns new things. He really loves the kids and would do best in a family setting. He can walk on the lead and does a great job in his kennel. He would be an amazing dog for any family

We get it, we really do. Bringing home your new puppy is so exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Spending sleepless nights, cleaning constantly, working on potty training,jumping and nipping, the list seems endless. But we’ve got you covered!

Our Goldendoodle’s have been with our family and trained. They will be ready to go home with a full 8 week program and ready to assimilate into your family. We work hard to make this process as wrinkle free as possible. We currently have 4 F1 Goldendoodle’s that we have kept and trained to develop into model family members. These four will be ready to head home February 8th, 2018.

Why does Open Range have Goldendoodle’s? :

Last year my sister-in-law bought an amazing Golden Retriever and asked me if I would help her to start learning how to do Goldendoodle husbandry. Katy had all her health tests done and I offered to use our Moyen Poodle Tucker to sire her first litter. Shortly after Katy turned two she was ready to be bred and we had a successful breeding. Meanwhile, my sister-in-law’s family got approved to become foster parents and their household doubled very quickly. With 7-8 children in the house at all times the dogs took a back seat.

I have offered to step in and help with the K9 babies so that the human babies could get all the attention that they require. So here we are. We have these beautiful dogs which my sister-in-law did not have time to find wonderful, forever homes for. We are happy to work with these beautiful and inteligent puppies. With the age of the dogs it makes it perfect because they will be trained when they go home and family ready without the hassles of an 8-12 week old puppy.


Their training includes:

During the four weeks, Stay & Train Program the puppy will receive all of the benefits of the two-week program. We teach the basics the first 4 weeks then we do a lot of reinforcing for the next 2 weeks. Consistency is the KEY to this program. This program is designed for the novice puppy owner. It’s ideal for those that want a more comprehensive program that will render a better-trained family member. Due to the extended length of the program, the trainers will be able to work with the puppy more in-depth. Also, during this two week period we add in new training commands such as “stay”, “down”, “sit” and “place”.

This program is ideal for a busy family that may not have time to train all the desired traits into their pup. The puppies are a complete part of our household during this program. So potty training and kennel training is worked on extensively as well as more leash work and longer walks. By the end of this session we have professional kennel puppies. They learn that their kennel is a safe and comfortable place. It is their space with their things and they do an amazing job going in for naps and bed time. Our ideal puppy from the 8 week program knows its commands, has its schedule down, is very close to completely potty trained and knows how to behave in the house.

Puppy Info:

These puppies were born August 3rd and will be ready to go home shortly after their 6 month birthday. Both parents have been DNA and OFA tested and are absolutely gorgeous dogs. The pups are well cared for and raised in our home with our children. We pride ourselves on the care and health of each dog. Training is a sure fire way to make sure your new family member fits right into your house with none of the normal puppy problems.

The price of the puppy with the 8 week stay and train program is $7,700 ($2,5000 + $5,200 8 week training program). If we are shipping your puppy to you please add an extra $500 to allow for plane ticket, large kennel and the flight health certificate.

If you have questions please contact Dawn at 970-433-5737


We have 3 boys and 1 girl.

Sire : Moyen Poodle – Tucker                                    Dam: Golden Retriever – Katy

Tucker - Moyen Poodle

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