1. High Quality Puppy Food

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  1. Visit PawTree.com/OpenRangePups
  2. Scroll down on the page and click on Create A Pet Profile
  3. PawTree will generate a recommended feeding regimen and product for your pet
Open Range Favorites

It’s important to feed your puppy food labeled specifically for a puppy because it’s designed with the nutritional needs for a growing dog.

Before Open Range Pups was formed my husband and I owned and operated a holistic health livestock supply company Sonrise Feeds, LLC. One of our services as a company was to custom formulate and create nutritional programs for large livestock operations who specialized in non-GMO and Organic end products. Before we sold our business in 2016 it’s fair to say we learned the in-and-outs of animal nutrition and how the industry works.

Just like the livestock industry the pet industry is full of terrible food products. Much of the product that composes a complete pet food ration is comprised of numerous by-products and highly processed ingredients that allow the manufacturer to produce a product that is CHEAP and BAD for our animals and pets.

The best thing we can do for our pets is now and forever is to provide them with the best pet food available. Food is the most valuable tool in pet health maintenance and future health issue prevention. Not every product works for every pet or pet parent.

PawTree petfoods is our #1 choice for our dog’s nutritional programs. We have a different Pet Profile for every dog in our home and treat every dog as their own individual. A pregnant female requires completely different nutrition than a stud, just the same as an active dog requires different requirements than an non-active pet.

PawTree offers customized pet food recommendations, superfood flavored toppings (that change month to month), probiotics, essential oils, and more. We also like the fact that our dog food ships automatically on a recommended schedule. PawTree is rated as a 4.5 of 5 stars by Dog Food Advisor, which is in my opinion the most stringent and un-biased pet food assessment available anywhere.

Open Range is proud to support and sell PawTree products.

2. Puppy Food Bowl & Water Dish

Your puppy will have a hungry appetite while they’re growing, so it’s important your dog has a familiar food bowl used everyday for their meals to be placed in. My top 3 choices:

  1. Smart / Slow Dog Food and Water Bowls – Like the Fun Bowl from Outward Hound
    • Outward Hound Dog Toys, Gear, and Feeders
    • Smart dog bowls increase the amount of time it takes to consume the food, keeping pups engaged for up to 10x longer, and this helps increase food digestion.
    • Used as a water bowl can down water spillage.
    • Also available from Amazon.
  2. Stainless Steel Bowls
    • You might notice my last 2 choices are simply not plastic. Any cheap plastic bowls; especially if left alone in an outside kennel with a dog, quickly turns into a play toy.
    • Stainless steel bowls are safe, simple, washable, and obviously non-chewable.
  3. Ceramic Bowls

3. Puppy Dog Crate

If you purchased a Sheepadoodle from Open Range Pups; and you had your puppy shipped, then you have a crate that may work for your puppy just a few months.

In the long run you should consider a purchase of a wire crate (again not plastic, not chewable). The crate is used to help your dog with potty training. The crate is also a great place to put your dog when you cannot watch them to keep them out of harms way. A great example of this is when you’re cooking dinner and you are unable to watch the dog.

You can place your pup in the crate with his favorite chew to keep him busy instead of roaming the house unsupervised. Roaming the house alone could lead to potty accidents and inappropriate chewing. Your crate could save you thousands of dollars in destroyed furniture and flooring 🙂

A great crate is safe, sturdy, can travel with you or be easily folded up and put away when company comes over. I also prefer wire crates with 2 doors. This is particularly handy when crate training. Two doors allows you to introduce the kennel as a safe place, not a jail. Here is a good intro video by Zak George – How to Crate Train a Puppy.

Wire kennels come in all shapes and sizes. My #1 choice is the AmazonBasics Double-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate – Medium (36x23x25 Inches). This kennel comes with the plastic floor tray, great for simple cleaning. It also provides you with an optional divider which is extremely useful if you want to reduce the size to your growing puppy.

4. Puppy Dog Crate Cushion

I love dog crate cushions. Different from puppy beds because they are easily cleaned and simple. Your puppy will more than likely mess once or twice while being potty trained and you don’t want an expensive dog bed in your crate. My #1 choice (we have like 30 of these) is the AmazonBasics Padded Pet Bolster Bed – 35 x 22 inches.


These beds are not ultra cushy or plush beds and they’re not meant to be. These pads are simple, limited padding, durable crate liners. They have a non-slip bottom and can be washed a few hundred times (no joke).

Maybe you want to spoil your new puppy just a little bit? I’ve never owned one but these CUSTOMIZABLE crate beds might be just what you’re looking for. Personalized Dog Kennel Mat – Large or Small Pad, Cute Washable Bed Cushion – Cats or Dogs (Large). Many color options in addition to your pups permanently imprinted name on the bed.

5. Puppy Dog Bed

A Dog Bed For The Pampered Pup

I’m a stickler for products that work and hold up overtime, I’m also a review junkie and like to buy verifiable quality products (as I’m sure you do as well.)

We have gone through numerous pet beds from local retailers; they simply don’t hold up, and we find ourselves purchasing new beds every 6 months to a year. Save yourself time and money and purchase a high quality and durable puppy bed.

This PetFusion Memory Foam bed from Amazon is our #1 pick for our new puppies and puppy parents. One major benefit of this bed is that you can purchase inexpensive replacement covers.

6. Puppy Dog Collar

Well, it goes without saying that dog collars and leashes come in shapes, sizes and customization’s beyond what you can imagine.

Personally I prefer heavy duty collars that are wide. Cordura type fabric or leather are my favorite. The collar must be durable with a heavy duty buckle. Why? Because it carries one of the most important identification sources for your puppy, their ID Tag.

My #1 Collar choice: Ruffwear – Top Rope Strong, Reflective, Ballasted Dog Collar, Kokanee Red, Large

With matching lead: Ruffwear – Slackline Adjustable Length, Hand-Held or Waist-Worn Dog Leash, Kokanee Red

Leashes; in my personal opinion and preference, should be short-ish and extremely durable. Leashes can become a puppies favorite chew toy, buy a heavy duty lead the first time and it should last quite a while.

Dublin Dog No Stink Collars are durable, attractive and obviously have the added benefit of reducing smelly odors from the collar. Available from Amazon or Outward Hound.

Outward Hound Dog Toys, Gear, and Feeders

7. Puppy Dog ID Tag

Personalized puppy ID Tags are your first line of defense in protecting your new family member. Your dog cannot communicate where he lives, who his owners are, or what their phone numbers are. At all times you need to have a collar on your dog with his name and his owner’s phone number so when someone does find your dog they know how to contact you.

Again, like collars, there are thousands of options and designs of dog ID Tags.

Where to find your perfect ID Tag:

  1. Amazon
  2. My Pet DMV
  3. Etsy

8. Puppy Dog Tracking GPS

Losing a member of the family is quite traumatizing. In our age of digital everything you might as well protect your new family with some of the most advanced loss and theft protection available. Although GPS collars are relatively new and can be quite expensive, more recent advancements have made tracking simple and affordable.

Before I move on to my favorite pick of GPS collar let me take a moment and cover dog Chipping. I don’t chip my dogs. There are mixed reviews and I don’t necessarily have a view one way or another. I’ll just say this:

  1. Chip’s have been attributed to some health concerns, problems at the injection site, even in severe cases death has occurred 🙁
  2. There are 20-30 different chipping companies and technologies. This is important only because you can have your pet chipped and your local shelter or vet may not have a compatible chip reader; in essence rendering the chip useless. We only know a dog is chipped if a scanner picks up that the dog is chipped. If the scanner is not compatible 🙁
  3. If you want to chip please visit your puppies vet. They will know which chip is most widely used in your area (providing some confidence of protection) and will obviously provide chipping service (they make money from it).

Don’t want to chip? Try a Whistle! Whistle 3 combines GPS, cellular and Wi-Fi technology to give you the most comprehensive and accurate tracking nationwide. Location Alerts: Get email, app or text notifications when your pet leaves their safe place before they get too far away.

Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker

Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker

9. Puppy Dog Insurance

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance and Foundation.
Do you need puppy insurance? Watch these three videos and I think it you will quickly see that puppy insurance is a no brainer!
Healthy Paws Pet Insurance and Foundation.

Simply put, I believe Pet Insurance would be a major deciding factor in your ability to pay for major treatments for your pet. Not to mention it will probably save you a some money just on your yearly visits.

My #1 choice for Pet Insurance is Healthy Paws, here’s why:

  1. Transparency!!!
  2. No Coverage Limit – EVER – $5,000, $10,000, $100,000 – doesn’t matter there’s no limit
  3. All Accidents & Illnesses Covered
  4. No Restrictions on Hereditary and Congenital Conditions
  5. Alternative Care Included – meaning holistic or other medicinal options
  6. Highest Consumer Rated

My #2 choice for Pet Insurance is Pet Premium, here’s why:

  1. Pet Premium has 2 basic policy options – Accidents Only or Total Coverage
  2. Total Coverage includes everything Healthy Paws does but in addition you also receive coverage for Preventative Care. This covers items like vaccinations, heartworm prevention, dental cleaning, etc.
  3. 🙁 Your reimbursement % (70%, 80%, 90%), yearly limit coverage, and deductible are all variable. The more you want the more you pay.

10. Health And Activity Tracker

Do you track your own health closely? Well, if you do, and you would like to do the same for your furry family friend then there is good news. If you thought FitBit style monitors where only for people then you are mistaken my friend. In the last 18 months or so there have been a slew of new-to-market health activity trackers for your dog.

Did you buy a Whistle 3? Well guess what, you already have access to many health and activity related tools. This is just one of the many added bonuses of owning a Whistle!

If you haven’t or don’t wish to own a Whistle, maybe you are interested in just a health monitor app for your dog. Amazon’s top selling Puppy Fitness Monitor is the FitBark and here are some features:

  • Monitor your dog’s everyday activity 24/7 and set health goals
  • Explain changes in behavior (rest, active and play time)
  • Compare with similar dogs and even yourself
  • Make better decisions with your vet and share memorable moments with friends and family
  • Beautiful, tiny (8 grams, fits dogs of any size), rugged and waterproof

Go ahead and try one out!

Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker

11. Puppy Dog Training

Does puppy training need to be complex? Absolutely not!

Did or are you going to find your new puppy here at Open Range? If so you should know that Old English Sheepdogs and Sheepadoodles are generally very, very eager to please. We have found that clicker training works extremely well with our pups and adults alike.

I think of clicker training as simply behavior shaping through positive reinforcement. It is an excellent, easy to use tool, that you and your pup will enjoy thoroughly. You are going to be absolutely amazed at how intelligent your pup is and the behaviors your pup can accomplish through 15 minute per day training.

We have tried many training books and dvd’s with our kids and our puppies. I’m actually very disappointed in the quality of dvd’s available. I suppose it’s because trainers make a lot by getting owners into local training seminars 🙁 Oh well.

I would start out with a few simple and inexpensive tools:

  1. Clicking With Your Dog: Step-By-Step in Pictures (Karen Pryor Clicker Books)
  2. BusyBee Dog Training Clicker with Wrist Band (3 Pack) + 3 Practical Pouches + 1 Dog Treat Bag. Bonus: Training Guide
  3. Not a big fan, but if you want to see some samples try Karen Pryor, Getting Started: Clicker Training Kit for Puppys
  4. There is always YouTube – I will make a new post that goes over my favorite youtube clicker training
  5. If you like a structured outline for complete dog training try Doggy Dan’s

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12. Puppy Dog Potty Training

Teaching your new puppy to potty at the right time and place is one of the most important first steps you can take for a long, happy life together. House soiling is among the top reasons why dogs lose their homes or end up in shelters. Few people are willing to put up with a dog who destroys rugs and flooring, or who leaves a stinky mess that you have to clean after a hard day at work.

Puppy Trainer Pads

13. Puppy Dog Poop Bags

Responsible pet owners clean up after their furry friends. If you can make poop-picking-up easier well than this is everything you ever wanted in a poop bag: big enough for any business, thick and tough (so there are no surprises), leak-proof and—get this!—lavender-scented. They pull off from the roll easily and open with a quick pinch.

If you frequent your local doggy park, here is a great treat pouch that I like to use that also has a doggy poop bag dispenser.

14. Puppy Dog Treats

11. Puppy Dog Toys

12. Puppy Dog Chews

18. Puppy Dog Gift Box

18. Puppy Dog Clean

17. Puppy Dog Grooming Necessities

18. Puppy Dog House Cleaning

15. Puppy Dog Car Safety and Cleanliness

18. Other Puppy Needs For The Outdoor Puppy Owner

18. Puppy Dog OMG, YES!!!

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