About Open Range Pups


Our Mission:

For the last 5 years we have been pouring our energy and effort into developing the best and healthiest possible breeding program available. Our dogs are not merchandise they are loving family members and friends and they deserve the best life we can give them. The puppies health, vigor and longevity begin with genetic health through their parents, grand parents, great grand parents and so on. We are continually improving our standards for our breeding stock to include some of the top genetic health lines in the world.

Here are some of the factors we consider when selecting our breeding stock:

  • Good or Excellent hips and elbows tested through OFA standards (or equivalent European standards) for at least 4 generations. Hip displasyia in it’s most severe form can cause loss of life in a puppy before 1 year, and mild forms of hip displasyia can make a dogs day-to-day activities extremely uncomfortable and may even require medication.
  • We test each new sire or dam for genetic traits that are relevant to that breed which are common and most often cause difficulties during the dog’s life and may cut many years from an otherwise normal healthy dog.
    • Such things include testing for Exercise Induced Collapse, Uric Acid Levels (kidney stones and bladder infections) and in our poodles we add Von Willebrands disease as it is very common in Poodles (blood clotting disorder) finally renal atrophy that causes the dogs to go blind. There are quite a few DNA tests and if you have questions as to what our dogs are tested for please feel free to ask.
    • We also look at these genetic tests in the lineage of the stud or dam. Only about 10-15% of breeders in the U.S. have these records and done their due diligence. This is why we have had to seek some of the top breeders in the world to find our desired health requirements.
    • To curb genetic difficulties we breed our females from 4-5 times in their lives (decided by our vet) and then they are fixed. This helps them to produce the best puppies during their peak reproductive season in life.

This is not a kennel, this is a home. We do not breed every kind of doodle known to man. We specialize in raising our dogs with love and in a family atmosphere. We specialize in health. There is not another place that provides the atmosphere and health that we provide our dogs. Our lines can be traced to the best in the world on both sides of the breeding. Our newest Old English Sheepdog is of the Royal Croft lines in Serbia and one of our poodle Studs is imported from Germany for his immaculate health. Anyone can breed a doodle, but only one can be the best.

We are extremely confident in our puppies and that they will provide you with the temperament that we adore and all of the amazing qualities that come with Old English Sheepdog’s and Poodles. Our puppies and our breeding stock are raised in our house with our children. The temperament is unmatched as they are raised like family.

The last aspect that we pride ourselves on is communication. We make it our job to be available to our customers on every level. We answer texts, email and phone calls all day long and answer any questions you may have. If you have a need, we are always willing to be there to help or find the answer that you need.

That being said we are now extending our standard health warranty to 4 years. We are the only sheepadoodle breeder that will offer our clients this opportunity. Our dogs are quality and we know your puppy will be as well.

We are confident that our puppy program is one of the top in the nation. We appreciate your business and we work diligently to provide your family with the quality puppy that we in enjoy in our own home.



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