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    1-week Crate Training  $640.00

Our focus for week one is to get your pup to transition from life with mom and litter mates to life with our family in our house. We begin to work on getting the puppy on a schedule. This includes eating, drinking, sleeping, playing, training, and potty breaks. This is done mostly on the pups own schedule, we just apply consistency. We do crate training for this week. This allows us an easy way to begin potty training. By the end of this week, most puppies are on a schedule where they eat 2-3 times daily, they are holding potty in their crate for 4-6 hours at night and 2-4 hours during the day, and barking in the crate is minimal.

We work hard in this important week to make sure the puppy adapts to the house and yard. We help the pup to learn where to go and when its time to play, eat, sleep or train. It is important at this young age that the puppy learns a schedule. Just like kids, puppy crave structure. It helps them to feel calm and comfortable knowing what is happening and what is going to happen next in their day. This week the puppies also gain valuable time with the family and children. They start to learn more about people, not just me as the breeder. We give them a loving environment to explore and have fun with the kids here at the house.

Our Spots are limited so if you are interested in this program please click the link below to get started

1 Week Training Deposit

2 Week Stay and Train Program $1300.00

This week our pups go back to the vet for their 9 week check ups (9-week vaccination will be given).Your puppy will be introduced to the four feedback words of “yes”, “no”, “sit” and “come” to aid in communication. Problems such as jumping up, mouthing (puppy nipping), chewing, etc. will be worked on during this second week.Your puppy will be familiar with taking and following treats and wearing a collar and leash. They will get a lot of work one on one with our trainer in learning their name and these basic commands. They are introduced to walking on a lead. They are fully transitioned from their litter to living with family. Your puppy will be introduced to basic grooming and maintenance such as brushing, ear cleaning, nail trimming, and teeth brushing. Your puppy will receive socialization throughout the day with children and other household pets.

This second week of training is invaluable! We first start with shaping the behaviors that we want to see in the pups with positive reinforcement training. The very first word they learn is “yes.” We do this for a specific reason! The very nature of our dogs is to please. They want to do what makes us happy and they learn in this week that the word yes is the correct direction to head.

Beginning the leash training with the puppy is a large part of this week. Leash training takes time and we put in plenty to help our dogs learn to walk on a loose lead and not pull. They begin leash training after they learn the “come” command. This guarantees the pup never gets pulled on the leash making a lasting impression on them. It is their willingness to come that we can use to help them learn the leash.

Our Spots are limited so if you are interested in this program please click the link below to get started

2 Week Training Program

4-week Program $2,650.00

During the four weeks, Stay & Train Program the puppy will receive all of the benefits of the two-week program. We teach the basics the first 2 weeks then we do a lot of reinforcing for the next 2 weeks. Consistency is the KEY to this program. This program is designed for the novice puppy owner. It’s ideal for those that want a more comprehensive program that will render a better-trained family member. Due to the extended length of the program, the trainers will be able to work with the puppy more in-depth. Also, during this two week period we add in new training commands such as “stay”, “down”, and finally “place” which teaches the puppy to go to his specific place in the house.

This program is ideal for a busy family that may not have time to train all the desired traits into their pup. The puppies are a complete part of our household during this program. So potty training is worked on extensively as well as more leash work and longer walks. By the end of this session we have professional kennel puppies. They learn that their kennel is their favorite spot. It is their space with their things and they do an amazing job going in for naps and bed time. Our ideal puppy from the 4 week program knows its commands, has its schedule down, is very close to completely potty trained and knows how to behave in the house. If those things are what you as an owner are looking for THIS is the program for you!

Our Spots are limited so if you are interested in this program please click the link below to get started

4 Week Training Program

6-week Program $3,200.00

This two week period is a big step for the pups! We get to go on the first big out and about adventure. We begin to socialize in new settings and apply the obedience to real world settings. Manners are being practiced with new people. We work on being more controlled while being walked on a leash. We continue on our socialization scavenger hunt. Your puppy has now entered Adolescence and we expect to see them test limits and boundaries. We also expect to see their needs for energy burns increase as he typically hits a growth spurt and energy spurt this week.

Our puppies will begin taking daily trips to the park and the store. They get to learn how to meet new people and proper manners. We really work with them to keep reinforcing those basic commands they learned. This program is best for our clients that have reservations on bringing a puppy into the house. It can be a bit uncertain and with this program we can take the uncertainty out of the equation. Your puppy with come to you with solid potty training in place, will be a well behaved member of the family from day one. It is our goal with the 6 week program to have your puppy know the commands : sit, stay, come, place, down, roll over and yes. They will come to you efficient on the leash and knowing how to greet new people. This will be the foundation for your well behaved new family member. We take great pride in our dogs and we want you to have the exact same feeling the day they arrive home.

Our Spots are limited so if you are interested in this program please click the link below to get started

6 week Training Deposit


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