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 In order to make sure that we don’t oversell our litters we only open our waiting list until we have puppies born. Then we can move people over to the actual litter at about 2 weeks. This allows us to make sure every puppy is healthy and happy prior to getting an owner. Once you are registered on the Waiting List you may transfer your options to any litter spot at 2 weeks of age.

The Waiting List requires a $500 deposit. Once you choose a litter we will move you into your litter registration slot. At that time you will sign the health guarantee to move lists for a total of a $500 deposit for your new puppy!

F1 and F1b Mini Sheepadoodles are $3,250. Our dogs come with a breed standard 4 year genetic health guarantee. Check around, it is an uncommonly high guarantee 🙂 For information on why please see the “About Open Range Pups Page

If you are on this list as a client waiting for a puppy we ask that you follow our facebook page to keep up to date with your puppies and momma’s. If you can follow the page it makes updates MUCH less work for us here at the house. We can upload video’s and pictures in seconds. Follow the link HERE

Shipping your puppy is a flat rate of $390 nation wide. That includes Kennel, leash, collar, vet check, and your flight certificate

There are 2 Waiting Lists to choose from:

  1. F1 Mini Sheepadoodles – standard Old English Sheepdog bred with a Moyen Poodle (slightly smaller than standard). These puppies will mature to approximately 45-50 lbs.
  2. F1B Mini Sheepadoodles – this is an F1 Mini sheepadoodle bred with a Moyen Poodle. These puppies will mature to approximately 35-45 lbs.
  3. F1B Micro Sheepadoodles – This is an F1 Mini- sheepadoodle bred with a Mini Poodle. These puppies will mature to be 25-35 lbs

Get registered on a Waiting List by clicking on the Register Now button below. Your name will appear on the website shortly after!


Puppy Litter registration slots are given on a first-come-first-serve basis (the higher up on the list the more options you will have).

F1 Mini Sheepadoodles

Earliest POSSIBLE Availability (March 2018)

2 Litters Available

Macy X Tucker and Annie X Tucker

  1.  Kristin Woodford (March 2018)*
  2.  Misty Brackman (March 2018)
  3.  Kim McFee (March 2018)*
  4.  Mary Beth Duffy (March 2018)*
  5. Pooja Muhuri (March 2018)*
  6. Nic Nider (March 2018)*
  7. Robin Abrams (March 2018)*
  8. Rebekah Opperman (March 2018)*
  9. Laura Bai* (March 2018)
  10. Ellen Choe (March 2018)
  11. -McLaughlin Family (March 2018)
  12. -Ben Austin (March 2018)
  13. -Brittany Bunjovac (March 2018)
  14. – Camp Family (March 2018) – 2 week training deposit
  15. – Paul LaRosa (March 2018)
  16. Open (March 2018)
  17. Open (March 2018)
  18. Open (March 2018)
  19. Open (March 2018)
  20.  Open (March 2018)

F1B Mini Sheepadoodles

Earliest POSSIBLE Availability (Summer 2018)

Double litter’s expected Summer 2018



  1. – Zukoff Family (Summer Tucker X Lilly 2018)
  2.  ( OP) John Mathieson* (Summer 2018)
  3.  ( OP )  Joanne Palermo* (Summer 2018)
  4. Open (Summer 2018)
  5.  Open (Summer 2018)
  6. Open (Summer 2018)
  7. Open (Summer 2018)
  8. Open (Summer 2018)


F1B Micro Sheepadoodles

Earliest POSSIBLE Availability (Summer 2018)

Double litter’s expected Spring 2018

Sam X Leon and Marry X Leon


  1. Breeder Pick (Landis)
  2. – Roger Taylor – (Spring 2018 Sam/Merry) – 2 Week Training Deposit
  3. -Goldstein Family – (Spring 2018 Sam/Merry) – 2 week training deposit
  4. – Susan Gaston (Spring 2018 Sam/Merry) – 2 week training deposit
  5. – Rachel Malone (Spring 2018 Sam/Merry)
  6.  – Bob Gardner (Spring 2018 Sam/Merry)
  7.  – Elizabeth Viering (Spring 2018) Sam or Merry
  8. – Kimberly Reynolds  (Spring 2018) Sam or Merry
  9. – Tina Honde (Spring 2018) Merry or Sam
  10. – Venice Dezall (Spring 2018) Merry or Sam
  11. Open (Summer 2018) Merry or Sam
  12. Open (Summer 2018) Merry or Sam
  13. Open (Summer 2018) Merry or Sam
  14. Open (Summer 2018) Merry or Sam
  15. Open (Summer 2018) Merry or Sam
  16. Open (Summer 2018) Merry or Sam
  17. Open (Summer 2018) Merry or Sam
  18. Open (Summer 2018) Merry or Sam


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Open Range Pups
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Paula Miller
Paula Miller
We have one of Macy's pups, "Schooner" now 3 months old. I am convinced we got the BEST PUP EVER but from what I have heard all of Dawn's are awesome. And the week of training with Dawn before we picked him up set the stage for really good behavior. Update: Schooner is now 4 months old and has won our hearts with his sweet personality. We’ve had some great dogs but this one is really special. Great character, Doing great at training and a real companion. Thank you Dawn for such an amazing dog!
Barbara Goldman Rosenberg
Barbara Goldman Rosenberg
We just got Cody our new sheepa doodle puppy from Dawn at open range pups. We waited 9 months for our pup and it's been well worth the wait. Cody is smart,adorable and very social. Dawn raises her pups in her house house with her six young children. It is obvious from Cody's gentle temperament that he has been loved and cuddled. Dawn kept us posted beginning day 1. We kept him with her for 2 extra weeks for training and I highly recommend this service. He knows how to sit, walk on his lead and is comfortable using his crate. A very good way to get a head start on training. I'd be happy to speak with anyone interested in buying a dog from Open Range Pups. They are awesome !
Kelli Hewitt
Kelli Hewitt
Courtney Gibson Percival
Courtney Gibson Percival
Open Range Pups and Dawn were absolutely wonderful!!!! We got our sweet boy, Archie about two weeks ago and he is just so cute!! Dawn has been wonderful through the whole process. She has always answered all my questions through email, text and phone calls. She promptly has answered all my questions after bringing Archie home and has even provided me training advice when Archie demonstrates puppy behavior. Dawn is so honest and truly loves her puppies and dogs. I could not recommend Open Range more!!!
Alyssa Beth
Alyssa Beth
We couldn't be happier with our handsome little man. It is an exciting and overwhelming experience to purchase a puppy online and fly him home. I can never thank Dawn enough for her support from first inquiry email to Ollie's landing in our arms and even after. It all went as seamless as possible! It is completely obvious that she and her entire family truly cared for each dog! Thank you for everything! We couldn't possibly love Ollie any more!
Pat Harrington
Pat Harrington
Maggie, our sheepadoodle, came to us just 3 days ago and she has already stolen our hearts and the hearts of all who meet her. She's loving, smart, gentle, playful - everything that you want in a pup. We live in PA and were nervous about getting a pup that we had never seen but Dawn was wonderful - patient, knowledgeable, and responsive. She sensed our anxiety and quickly calmed our fears! She constantly posted pics of our pups so we felt we knew Maggie when she finally arrived. Anyone thinking of adding a sheepadoodle to their family should go nowhere other than Open Range!
Gloria Chestnut
Gloria Chestnut
We just got Logan Tuesday night, the 14th of August. My daughter and I were so excited when the airline employee showed up with his crate. He is a playful, friendly, smart little guy that you can't help but love. I know that the care and love given to him by Dawn and her family made all the difference in his behavior. Even though Dawn is a busy lady, she was very helpful any time I had any questions or problems before I got Logan. I highly recommend Open Range Pups to anyone who is interested in getting a pup.
Dartha Vance
Dartha Vance
I got Mr Bennett from open range pups in Co. He is such a sweet boy. He is just about potty trained. He comes and stays with me when we go outdoors. He sleeps thru the night. ( in my bed). I want cuddles. Loves his toys. Loves his brother Charlie the cat. But Charlie not so happy. If anyone is looking for a sheepadoodle. Please check her web site. I spends 6 months looking and I am so happy with my sweet boy Bennett ���
Tina Insinger Parks
Tina Insinger Parks
We had a great experience with Dawn at Open Range Pups. You can tell she really cares about her dogs and pups and was wonderful in helping us pick the "right" puppy for our family. Albert is adorable and very comfortable with kids. We love him and would be happy to chat with anybody curious about getting a Sheepadoodle from Open Range Pups!
Kristy Loghry
Kristy Loghry
Ryley came to us in April at 5 months old and has been a fun addition to our household. He is very smart! He was potty trained within one week, crate trained shortly thereafter. We haven't had to use the crate at home for him at night, as he is very well behaved. He does very well on a leash and has learned not to tug and take the lead. He enjoys playing with other dogs and does well with children. He loves to fetch and play with his toys. For those that are wondering about his size, at 6 months he weighed 30 pounds and we are thinking he will gain another 5-10 pounds. While puppies can be a handful, Ryley was a very pleasant surprise for us. He is very mild mannered and eager to please. Thank you Open Range Pups for this wonderful addition to our family!
Jeff Troftgruben
Jeff Troftgruben
We got Snickers in January. Dawn was fabulous. She went above and beyond helping us keep Snickers as a Christmas surprise. Dawn made the process so easy and we always knew our puppy was in good hands. Snickers is perfect. He is highly intelligent and lovable. He is the perfect size and a real family pet. We have already recommended Open Range to our friends. Thank you Dawn.
Brett Gardner
Brett Gardner
Courtney Cullinan Robb
Courtney Cullinan Robb
We got a mini sheepadoodle in January from Open Range Pups and Dawn was absolutely amazing throughout the entire process. She and her husband were knowledgeable, friendly, and understanding. We ran into a few problems with travel arrangements and bad weather/flight delays during the departure and if it had not been for Dawn, I would have been very anxious. The departure flight was delayed due to bad weather and instead of leaving our pup sitting at the airport, potentially overnight, her husband picked our pup up and Dawn rescheduled the flight for the next day---throughout all of this she texted me picture updates of our pup, called, and reassured me. She proactively puts the health and safety of the dog first and was always available over the phone, email, or text. I highly highly recommend using Open Range Pups. It's clear that they just absolutely love dogs and want to make sure each dog finds the right home. I couldn't have been happier with their level of care.
Scott Shapiro
Scott Shapiro
Robot is the best puppy we could have asked for. Dawn was so helpful and kind throughout the entire process. She answered every question we had within minutes not only before we got him but after he came home. If you're looking for a great breeder I highly recommend Dawn and open range pups.
Penny Hughes King
Penny Hughes King
Dawn and Open Range Pups are amazing!! I researched and spoke with several breeders but knew Dawn was the one for us. She answered all my questions through the whole process, took care of delivery arrangements, and most importantly helped us get the best mini sheepadoodle. We love our Oscar!�
Sarah Siegel
Sarah Siegel
Candice Esch
Candice Esch
I just got my puppy from here (Jep) and it was a great process. Dawn kept me updated from the time I picked him out until I picked him up today!!! He's so sweet and a great edition to our family:)
Jane Pelullo
Jane Pelullo
I am in the process of acquiring a mini sheepadoodle from open range pups. I have never purchased a pup on line before and needless to say I was hesitant and a bit uncertain of the process. After my initial communication with Dawn, the owner and breeder of "Open Range Pups", all my anxiety was gone. She and her husband were very helpful, knowledgable and friendly. That was several weeks ago and we are expecting our little sheepadoodle girl, Penny, in two weeks. I can hardly wait. Dawn has made all travel arrangements and has answered every message/text that I have sent, promptly. She is very attentive and kind and I am enjoying the whole process.
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